From a young child, my mother would always describe me as a somewhat out of the ordinary, quirky, never quite making the norm little girl; A complete bookworm always looking for ways to keep myself occupied. Considering my mom used to be a seamstress and was always creating things from the curtains in our home, to my own custom made dresses, she would always have cloth around. One day I went into the massive bins of cloth and began to look for fabrics I liked, cutting them up and hand sewing anything I wanted, bedazzling with my trusty glue gun alongside me. This is when it all started. I was 8 years old and my mom handed me a pink ball of yarn and crochet hook and taught me the basic stitch. Now, 12 years later, I’m working with yarn, recycled fabrics, crochet hooks, looms, pompoms, flowers, elastic, you name it, I’ve probably made something of it.

After acquiring my Graphic Design certification in high school, I’ve learned so many ways to open up the creative-side of my mind, and today you know it as NazimaKnits.  I realized that my passion for creating was meant to be more than just a hobby.

As I work on getting my degree in International Business/Marketing, at Baruch College, hoping to one day become an International CPA, why not indulge and expand my passion for creativity in the meanwhile?

Thank you for visiting and for your endless support.

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