So I had to take the time out to share this AMAZING find with you! Of course we all know the nearest Sephora, how long it takes to get there, and the store layout. With so many deals and consultants, it’s a go-to for every makeup guru. This deal has got to be the best one I found so yet!

Sephora Favorites “Give Me Some Nude Lip”  is an ABSOLUTE must have for your everyday look. Because it’s a NarsNudeStixMarcJacobsLauraTarte (Yes ALL of these for $28!) combo, the sizes , if used daily, should last you a solid month-month and a half, which I still think it amazing! The pigment in each is very rich, and definitely defines the whole Nude stigma going on currently.

One thing that I ABSOLUTELY loved was the Marc Jacobs Lip Crayon, some lip crayons end right on the top, others have to be sharpened, this one, although compact in size, SCROLLS UP! YES! Don’t let the size fool you! hehe…

Oh & don’t get me started with TARTE’s TARTIEST TART (Say that 3 times fast), the matte feel is AMAZING and DOES NOT dry out your lips, with or without primer!

This Tarte made an excellent Duo with Laura Mercier’s Milky Way, the soft pink matte Tart with the contrasting pigment in Milky Way definitely gave it a nice tan look. Definitely a great combo for both a casual or elegant night out!


Once again, Sephora continues to keep doing it right!